Dental Hygiene (Teeth Cleaning) for Ancaster and Surrounding Area

It is important to make appointments regularly to have your teeth professionally cleaned, even if you faithfully brush and floss. A thorough cleaning will not only leave your teeth feeling smooth and looking brighter. The benefits of teeth cleaning go beyond oral health.

Our teeth need this type of attention. Without regular hygiene visits our teeth build up a layer of plaque and hard deposits that are incredibly difficult to remove without using special tools.  If these deposits are left on the tooth or below the gum line bacteria can quickly grow and multiply as most bacteria produce acids that cause both gum disease and tooth decay. Tooth decay and gum disease untreated can lead to either gum infection or inflammation which could influence diseases throughout the body.

Prophylaxis is derived from the Greek word meaning to guard against or protect and is a special term used by dentists for preventive procedures. One of those procedures is teeth cleaning to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. A teeth cleaning is an excellent opportunity to get a closer look at your overall oral health and check for specific issues.

The Professional Cleaning Procedure

Dental hygienists have the training and specialized tools to tailor each cleaning to every person’s needs. 

The dental hygienist will first perform an oral examination evaluating the health of your oral tissues.  A hand-held tool, the ultrasonic scaler has a tiny tip that vibrates at such a high frequency that it breaks up hardened deposits without causing damage to the tooth. 

The last step of a professional cleaning is the polish. Using a low-speed rotary brush with a small amount of paste that is similar to a slightly gritty toothpaste is applied to the soft tip. 

A Requirement for Good Oral Health

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